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Nowadays we offer a large part of our product range with environmentally friendly refrigerants as standard.Therefore we are a pioneer in the field of ecological and sustainable temperature control.Because the images were in 3D, every time I read the book I would touch the pages, imagining what the images would feel like.The book just drew me into another world.” Soon after, six-year old Joan pored over it during the summer break and soon became an avid reader.

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He writes about the tension of waiting for results, the anguish of learning about his illness, and the peace of staking everything on God.

The product range offers solutions for all thermoregulation tasks from -125 to 425°C.

20 years ago, we have started the ongoing conversion to eco-friendly refrigerants.

Today, Joan finds the shift to gradeschool a golden time to get kids hooked on books.

Wondering what to reward your kindergarten graduate?


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