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If there’s one thing to take away from the industry’s ever expanding market, it’s that the panic over penis size is real.Fortunately, one woman is out to extinguish those fears. Really appreciate the acknowledgement too 😉 Great Job Anurag!When Kashif Ali learned that he was being released from maximum security prison, he started crying in the courtroom."I went through a lot, I thought there was no end to it." Ali, who says he was born in Ghana but never received documentation, has found himself in legal limbo because neither Ghana nor Nigeria, where his mother was born, will recognize his nationality.He told he's always been willing to be deported to either country, rather than continue to languish in prison or stay in Canada without a work permit.The West African man spent the last seven years in jail under Canada's system of indefinite immigration detention while the government tried to deport him."There's no words for it," Ali said of the moment on Friday he learned he would be released.

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Even tough the duo have developed a close connection, it is reported that Leto does not believe in dating."Leto doesn't do girlfriends," a source said.The former heavyweight boxing champion died in June at age 74, after a life in the ring and in activism that made him one of the world’s most famous celebrities.Former President Bill Clinton was among the dignitaries at his funeral.If you don’t think penis size is a real concern among males, I suggest you visit the Penis Enlargement Gym, an online community of about 70,000 devoted to helping men enlarge their members through a series of stretches and exercises.If stretching this sensitive part of the body doesn’t sound appealing, there’s the list of pills, products and procedures to choose from (see your local snake oil salesman).The latest batch of about 140 pages of FBI documents from 1966 on Ali, which includes previously classified material, were released following a lawsuit to obtain the papers brought in August by conservative group Judicial Watch.“The Miami (FBI) office is requested to follow the divorce action between Cassius and Sonja Clay with particular emphasis being placed on any NOI (Nation of Islam) implication being brought into this matter,” one memo stated.


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