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She also stood up straight, and sat elegantly, bolt upright, legs elegantly aligned. Thoughts of Audrey also force me to correct my frankly shocking posture: more than once, finding myself sprawled over my seat on the bus, I gather myself and sit up straight, back against the seat.By the end of the week, I am starting to do this without thinking (almost).'Lower your voice,' Keogh instructs, informing us that it is one Audrey-inspired move guaranteed to give you a more exotic allure (as opposed to a Paris Hilton-style 'Nothing to listen to here' squeak).

Name: Audrey Hepburn, though some reports say she was born as Audrey Kathleen Ruston Born: 1929 in Brussels, Belgium.

There’s also something charming in the idea that Spielberg, who has only been in Official Selection with three new films dating back to 1974, would come back with , with Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem, is an opening possibility.

While the fest has often opted for frothier fare on opening night, it has been known to go for drama, too.

So here we go, with the admonition that William Goldman’s classic line applies here.

But, speaking to industry sources and Cannes-watchers, there are a series of recognizable names we’ve heard bandied about multiple times as possibilities including Almodovar, Dardenne, Dolan, Allen, Villeneuve, Winding Refn — and Spielberg?


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