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Future revealed in an interview with Angie Martinez last year that he me Ciara as early as 2006.

It was during that first meeting, Future said, that he predicted he’d be in a relationship with her eventually.

Years later, the pair were reintroduced by their mutual label, Epic and as an effort to jump start both of their careers they began ‘dating’.

It didn’t take long for their constructed relationship to become a real life on and the two got engaged in October 2013.

Now that there’s confirmation that Ciara and Future’s body party is finished, did one of Future’s three other baby’s mothers cause their breakup???

That’s the question that’s being asked now that a nasty rumor is circulating that Brittni, the mother of his 1 year-old son who previously subtweeted Ciara, is his latest “Trophy.” Straight From The A reports: You remember Brittni right?

We both loved God, loved our families, and were always willing to do whatever we had to for the other person.

After about 4 months of friendship we started dating. In this time God had confirmed for both of us time and time again that this was who we were to spend our lives with.

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There are loads and loads of Antique vids to see here with all sorts of different categories where you simply can't go wrong!It’s complete perversion.” But the industry began to have a devastating impact on her. “I was so robotic, I was like a rubber Barbie doll. “He got murdered, stabbed in front of me,” she said.The trauma of the incident derailed her faith, and Ruiz began abusing drugs again and tried to kill herself.They even shared a home in Los Angeles but Future still tip toed back to Atlanta to be with his other baby mama on several occasions.Fast forward to now, and my sources reveal that Future has been back with Britnni for months now.Chelsea Schilling is a news and commentary editor for WND and a proud U. Schilling also worked as a news producer at USA Radio Network and as a news reporter for the Sacramento Union. ” she declared, announcing that she has become a born-again Christian.


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