Cameron diaz dating 2016

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are dating, a source reveals to Us Weekly.

PHOTOS: Cam's bikini body "It's very new" and they're "just hanging out," a source tells Us of Diaz, 41, and Madden, 35.

We don’t see it that way, because they’re not the sexy parts.

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“The most interesting parts are for women who are over 40.

” she exclaims, sitting bolt upright on a jade velvet sofa in an airy Los Angeles hotel suite. She is dressed in Rag & Bone jeans, a plain white T-shirt and oversized Isabel Marant cream cardigan; her tanned face is make-up free, her nails are scarlet and her blonde hair is scraped back in a tight bun.

But Diaz, who recently co-wrote The Body Book, a self-help manual that encourages women to be more accepting about their appearance, goes further.

We all know about Cam and Gwynnie's kitchen counter therapy sessions and this shift in Cameron's dating from douches to a billionaire seems SO puppet mastered by GP.

Now they can finally buy that yoga/non-surgical cosmetic procedure island they've always talked about!


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