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The exhibition includes a scale model of the Hubble telescope and explores its history, purpose, anatomy and operation as well as identifying the work performed by astronauts to maintain and update the telescope as new technology has become available.

The largest and most comprehensive traveling exhibition ever created to explore the history, science and development of dogs and their role in human societies.

Ink and Blood: Sacred Treasures of the Bible Authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments are among the artifacts included in an exhibit that opens January 13, 2006 at the Florida International Museum.

13 launch, following years of delay as engineers struggled to fix mechanical problems.

China, meanwhile, is rumored to be planning a September blastoff for its Chang'e 1 probe, but is coy as to the date.

The exhibit, Ink & Blood: Sacred Treasures of the Bible, also includes ancient Biblical manuscripts and several 5,000-year-old pictographic clay tablets from ancient Mesopotamia.

In addition, there is a working replica of Gutenberg's printing press, which brought books -- and specifically the Bible -- to the masses in the 15th century with a profound impact on society. On display will be authentic memorabilia and film footage from Diana's childhood and her adult life, a collection of 28 dresses from her public engagements including her resplendent royal wedding gown, original jewels, artifacts, paintings and more.


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