Dating a pocket bible study journal

Proponents of the AIDS conspiracy theory believe that AIDS has nothing to do with green monkeys, homosexuality, drug addiction, genital ulcerations, anal sex or promiscuity, but that it has to do with scientists experimenting on blacks and gays: in short, AIDS is genocide.

Most African-Americans have heard the story that HIV is a manufactured virus genetically-engineered to kill off the black race.

and previously healthy homosexual men from Manhattan who were dying mysteriously from "gay pneumonia" and "gay cancer" in the form of Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Still, I really enjoy Bible study for both its academic and personal merits, and I was excited to get to work.

Thirty percent of New York City blacks polled by The New York Times (October 29, 1990) actually believe AIDS is an ethno-specific bioweapon designed in a laboratory to infect black people.

Despite the general acceptance that HIV came from monkeys and the rain forest, there is no scientific evidence to prove that HIV and AIDS originated in Africa.

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