Dating annals

Here, we describe the case of a colorectal cancer (CRC) patient presenting with synchronous lung metastasis and metachronous thyroid, chest wall and urinary tract metastases over the course of 5 years.

The chest wall metastasis was caused by needle tract seeding, implying a known time of onset.

Dr Andrea Sottoriva, Centre for Evolution and Cancer, The Institute of Cancer Research, 15 Cotswold Road, Sutton, SM2 5NG, UK.

Tel 44-02087224072; E-mail: [email protected] Dr Nicola Valeri, Centre for Molecular Pathology, The Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, 15 Cotswold Road, Sutton, SM2 5NG, UK.

I have been a Marie Curie funded European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellow, at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2012-13), a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Society for Renaissance Studies (2011-12) and a Teaching Associate at the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC), University of Cambridge (2011-12).

I have a Ph D in medieval Irish history from the Department of ASNC, University of Cambridge (2009), an MA Medieval Studies (2005) and a BA History (Mode 1) (2003) from University College Dublin.

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is a biographical account of his father-in-law’s career, with special reference to the governorship of Britain (78–84) and the later years under Domitian.Tacitus' Histories and Annals together amounted to 30 books; although some scholars disagree about which work to assign some books to, traditionally 14 are assigned to Histories and 16 to Annals.Of the 30 books referred to by Jerome about half have survived.We used a Bayesian phylogenomic approach, which accounts for possible dynamic changes in mutational rate, to reconstruct the phylogenetic tree and effectively ‘carbon date’ the malignant progression.The primary colon cancer emerged between 5 and 8 years before the clinical diagnosis.Two truths: (1) Since time immemorial, people have been decrying the death of courtesy.


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