Dating depression glass dating limoges plates

You can assemble a complete dinner set plus candle holders, candy dish, vase. You'll want to watch for damage on the inner rims as they tend to get nicked. Adams Rib Depression Glass, Line 900 Maker: Diamond Glassware Date Produced: about 1925 Colors: Colors of the era.We've had pink and amber and it came in green, blue and iridescent colors.It mostly came in accessory pieces, like the candy jar shown, plus you can collect a small lunch set.American Sweetheart Depression Glass Maker: Mac Beth Evans Date Produced: 1930 to 1936 Colors: Pink and translucent monax white.With its warm rose color and vintage beauty, pink depression glass is a hot item among collectors and antiques enthusiasts.

It was a time when there is little economic activity and many people are very poor and without any jobs to sustain them and their families.Adams Rib is not well known which is a shame since it has a refined elegant look.The design is narrow ribs with smooth bands near the rim.The type of piece you have will also affect its value.You need to know what you have before you can determine how much it's worth.(Much of so-called Depression glass for sale on online auction sites is actually reproduction glass, made in Asia during the last few years, even being imported today!


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