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Even worse is that their next project is done by the same artist. Every single currently-being-translated yaoi title is dark and sappy and has terrible artwork. That's reeeeeally going to help improve the name of yaoi... I'd be upset if they chose some lovey-dovey fantasy type thing. Actually, I'm all for the setting, but I don't like the whole shota thing.

I've played the next game they're releasing, Zettai Fukujuu Meirei, and it's more...

normal than Enzai (which I haven't played, so judging on descriptions).

It tries its best to look devious and kinky, but just that it doesn't feature any shota (except for one story) probably makes it appeal to even more people. Just because I'm picky about this, the article got the definition of yaoi wrong.

I think you can still find copies; it's old, but I still enjoy it.

Graduation was a teaching sim that Tokyopop released in english back when they were Mixx; it too, is not a dating sim, but it's similar; you're teaching 5 girls, and trying to get them to go to good colleges. I always wanted to import that game, but I could never find a fan-translation. Hey, kamiboy-san, if you want to try one of these games out, I think theres one on A couple of friends were playing while we were hanging out, but kinda being embarrassed to partcipate in hentai-related activities, I didn't play it.

So, there are like a thousand releases for the PC of such games in Japan, right?

I've always wanted to check on of these babies out but not knowing much Japanese has so far made it impossible.

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The Raleigh piqued my interest because it's different from most of the ones I've seen before.

Not only is it hard to find your reply, it appears as though I actually wrote your reply, because it is within my quote. ting_game/ Denise, wrote the same thing in her article; see the link that Harry posted.(Denise) As I previously replied, if you like my work could you write to the publisher about it? Here is a link to the Dating Game Show, with Rodney Alcala as ‘Bachelor #1’:

v=9Uf95INZm WIThe following link contains several comments regarding Alcala, which were made by Jed Mills, who was ‘Bachelor #2’: ... hpt=T2Denise, I contacted Crime Magazine, and thanked them for publishing your article on Rodney Alcala.

I know this thread is from a while ago, but I just read it, and Denise, I've read your articles and found them very interesting, informative, and very well written!! Here is a link to the Dating Game Show, with Rodney Alcala as ‘Bachelor #1’: You can tell by the way you write that you do indeed love what you do! (Denise) If you like my articles, why not write to the websites that have published them and thank them for publishing my work? Have you seen my pieces at Tru TV's Then you could click on "denisenoe" and read and perhaps rate some of my other reviews.

You can tell by the way you write that you do indeed love what you do! I agree, Denise, your article is very interesting and well written. 6033056388You can rate the review through the little gray buttons at the bottom of the review.


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