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There was also an aversion to scanning because scanning had been previously outsourced and local records managers did not receive the level of service they had been promised.

There was resistance, therefore, to any form of outsourced scanning.

Find out about each of the three types of scan by choosing a section.

During your scan the sonographer will explain what’s happening and show you the images on the ultrasound screen.

Its methodology and application are equally applicable across any organisation; corporate or Challenge 5 - To change the then current culture from one of storing paper to one that both scanned and made better use of the paper content.

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The age of the pregnancy is easily determined through ultrasound measurement and the presence of one, two or more babies is established.Jane’s approach will ensure your enquiry is dealt with in a friendly and professional manner.Dr Adam Gornall qualified in Medicine from Liverpool University in 1988.At the time there was no clarity about the scanning process or where digital records would be stored.There was awareness that one department in the organisation was using an electronic document record management solution (EDRMS) but it was only being used in a limited capacity to store documents collectively referred to as "corporate memory".The examination is usually carried out by scanning through the abdomen but if the pregnancy is very early, scanning via a probe inserted into the vagina may be appropriate (transvaginal ultrasound).


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