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After graduating from high school, he worked to help support his mother and did not go to college.A CBS staff announcer, whom King met by chance, suggested he go to Florida which was a growing media market with openings for inexperienced broadcasters.The couple organized the special day with their wedding planner, Renee Strauss."We want everybody to have fun, let their guard down," Young told Us.The teams raced in ten countries; five of them were not previously visited in the series.The new countries were Peru, Chile, Botswana, Turkey and Jamaica.

Married couple Uchenna and Joyce Agu were the winners of this season.The pair made sure that their special day will have lots of personal elements to it as well -- including their first song, which they co-wrote together eight months ago, appropriately-titled "I Do." "We wrote ' I Do,' and the first listen all the way through, we’re both looking at the monitor screen, sobbing," Young recalled to Us."Right when we’re done, we look at each other and Diana goes, ' I think this one is…' and I said, ' I know.' It was done." PHOTOS: Idol makeovers The pair, who also wrote their own vows for the ceremony, told Us of other little details they did to make their big day memorable -- custom-made suits for the groomsmen, white cowboy boots for the bridesmaids, and not one, but two five-tier cakes from The Butter End in Santa Monica, Calif. Vanilla and Aunt Edie's Banana Chocolate Chip. The movie, set in the 1950s, tackles America’s socio-economic conditions, race relations and familial tensions. “Fences” was originally a Pulitzer prize-winning play written by August Wilson.King went to Miami, and after initial setbacks, he got his first job in radio.


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