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By convention, the name of the field should end with .The first parameter is the name of the property itself (without the suffix).A property that is backed by the WPF property system is known as a dependency property.This overview describes the WPF property system and the capabilities of a dependency property.The implementation of this method simply writes the new value to the debug console: Although the dependency property system is used to register the dependency properties, they must be exposed to the runtime as common CLR properties. The value can be exposed as an ordinary property, but the getter and setter methods will reach out to the dependency property system to determine and/or set their value. You should see the new values appear in the debug output window as the result of the property-changed callback you defined.Dependency properties offer several benefits over regular CLR properties.Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a set of services that can be used to extend the functionality of a common language runtime (CLR) property.

You can reuse a user control over and over and the logic is isolated from the general flow of your program. Custom control can be (and is sometimes are required to be) templated (for example, a Data Template). This is confusing to XAML developers because they are accustomed to binding to CLR properties that implement INotify Property Changed in their view models. A data binding source source CAN be a CLR-type property.

For more information, see Walkthrough: My First WPF Desktop Application.

In WPF, properties are typically exposed as common language runtime (CLR) properties.

It should have been obvious and I’m not sure why I hit on so many wrong answers but here is my solution: Add the dependency property to My View that will bind to the view model This manually sets the binding to a property “View Mode” that is in my view model.

So “View Mode” exists in both the view and the view model and the manual binding will keep everything in sync.


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