Diy updating knob and tube

The interesting part of these pictures is that the old knob and tube wire is still on the stud (see orange circle below). One clean hole was cut in the ceiling to run the wires. Here the wall is opened up to run new circuits that will bring this home up to date.If you do plan on buying the house put a contigency in the purchase offer that there needs to be an inspection. Does your local area require GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms? If it was me and this was the only house that I really liked then I may either lower the purchase price by ,000 to ,000 to cover some of the cost to update the electrical. If you look where the knobs are you will see they are around 5" to 6" apart. The only problem I have seen is when you need to do something with them.If the inspector finds that not all the wiring is up to code than you can have the seller update the electric (at the sellers expense) or the seller can lower the price by the amount that it would cost to update the electric. The insulation is generally pretty dried out and brittle. Up to today's code is just unreasonable, unless it is new wiring we're talking about. These pictures are perfect examples of "knob & tube" wiring.You can visually compare how much new wires are needed to replace the old knob and tube wire (see orange rectangle below).Not certain if your home or the home you’re buying has knob-and-tube wiring?

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The main concerns with this old wiring method are overheating, deteriorating insulation, improper connections and lack of grounding in the system.This house had a fire block on the wall that we had to go around. This will all be patched and look like new after it is painted.Now the house will not only be efficient and up to date but also safe from electrical fires.Since it was state-of-the art up until about 1950, knob-and-tube is still present in many homes.Today’s appliances, however, put an enormous strain on the old wiring by pulling too large of a load for knob-and-tube wiring to operate safely.Generation 3 Electric has been servicing the electrical needs of the Philadelphia metro area for three generations.


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