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By now we have settled in and learned a lot about life in Beijing.

One thing we learned is that there are many resources available but not one single place to find everything you need to know when starting out in Beijing. As we got the basics covered and ventured out more and more, we searched for more specific things.

Share your experiences and connect with other expats around the world.

The Spain Expats forum is a dedicated community of people who have moved to Spain, or who are planning to.

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We have in depth websites for popular expat destinations, as well as essential guides for every country in the world.Because of my experience living in Costa Rica for four months in 2010 I found Winston to be a preacher of enlightenment and truth." - I love your philosophical Wisdom.I am brewing with hot topics in my head and want to write articles just like you.The way we move across countries, actually continents, is pretty much on our own, without the support of a big company that sends us on an all-expenses-paid 3-year assignment with return ticket.We do our own research and figure things out by just doing them, finding help independently when we need it.I have so much to add to what you have to say; even my own ideas about life in general."I will admit Winston's analytical style in his writing is good, VERY GOOD.


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