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The SMS tool is one of the most basic, reliable and unchanged features of any phone, with even the most backward of tech users usually able to work out how to send a simple text message. Even experienced smartphone users struggled to work out how to send a simple text.Not only that, the term 'hangout' is a dreary, predictable piece of brainstorming nonsense.Many times we hear a new word and rush to refer a dictionary for its meaning.With new words added to the language every other day, its hard to keep a track of their meanings. With the form of communication changing every other day, we are becoming more and more addicted to texting.

e Voice can even transcribe your voicemails and send you the text, so you can read them instead of listening to them.Along with texting, we are also addicted to online chats.So, if you are an avid texter or instant messaging user, you must have come across many texting abbreviations. You can even sent some symbols that symbolize a word.Having a second line on your mobile phone allows you to route inbound calls or read voicemail transcriptions so that you can be on top of your game wherever you are.Whether you select a local or toll-free phone number for your business, you can enjoy the benefits of a free phone number with e Voice with a free trial. You’ll have your own Auto Attendant, to answer every call with a professionally recorded greeting.Plus there's a night mode layout option with a dark background to supposedly save your eyes and battery when texting late.


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