Gino paoletti dating

“She wants to be married before giving birth again, and she is convinced Gino is the guy for her.” Apparently, Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin is not happy about her oldest daughter’s new boyfriend–or the fact that she is hoping to have another baby so soon.And for once, us Hollywoodlifers are totally on board with Sarah.28 -- the author began a rocky on/off relationship with Paoletti.He's won over her family, but Bristol Palin's new boyfriend is not the golden boy she seems to think he is.But Mr Paoletti, who works for Refrigeration Unlimited revealed on his online profile that he is a fan of the homophobic 'Twilight is gay' page.

“Gino and I are going to wait until marriage,” she tells In Touch. It’s between me and God, and I know it’s right.” Paoletti is a pipeine worker who used to date Levi’s sister, Mercede Johnston.

“If defying her mom gets her what she wants, she’s happy to do it.” Like Bristol, Gino grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. When he’s not doing pipeline work, he dabbles in real estate.

It wasn't that long ago that Bristol Palin and boyfriend Gino Paoletti were considering marriage.

According to his Facebook page, Giancinto 'Gino' Paoletti, supports homophobic websites, mocks people with Down's Syndrome and even ridicules Sarah Palin's reality show.

The 20-year-old, who, like the Palins, is from Wasilla, Alaska, has been dating the mother-of-one for just a couple of months, though the couple say they have been friends for a long time.


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