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This does not have any impact on a running instance, however, if the Nova node it resides on is rebooted, when the compute manager restarts it fails to restart the instances using the swap files for which the underlay file is missing.The instance will not start and the status will be set to ERROR.Anybody can help me to solve it, i'm really confuse, because I have one VM running.2013-03-06 6954 DEBUG nova.manager [-] Running periodic task Compute Manager._publish_service_capabilities periodic_tasks /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/ 2013-03-06 6954 DEBUG nova.manager [-] Notifying Schedulers of capabilities ...Linux OVSInterface Driver firewall_driver = firewall. Noop Firewall Driver [oslo_messaging_rabbit] rabbit_host = rabbit_userid = openstack rabbit_password = openstack [keystone_authtoken] auth_uri = auth_url = auth_plugin = password project_domain_id = default user_domain_id = default project_name = service username = nova password = nova dhcpbridge_flagfile=/etc/nova/dhcpbridge=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge logdir=/var/log/nova state_path=/var/lib/nova lock_path=/var/lock/nova force_dhcp_release=True libvirt_use_virtio_for_bridges=True ec2_private_dns_show_ip=True api_paste_config=/etc/nova/enabled_apis=osapi_compute,metadata [vnc] enabled = True vncserver_listen = vncserver_proxyclient_address = novncproxy_base_url = host = [oslo_concurrency] lock_path = /var/lib/nova/tmp [neutron] url = auth_url = auth_plugin = password project_domain_id = default user_domain_id = default region_name = Region One project_name = service username = neutron password = neutron [cinder] os_region_name = Region One /etc/nova/[DEFAULT] compute_driver=libvirt.Libvirt Driver [libvirt] virt_type=qemu Nova-compute can't connect to nova-conductor Neutron-Nova-Designate integration supported in Liberty?Is it possible that the databases think the volume is connected but the iscsi connection has been dropped. have you rebooted your all in one node with the vm's and volumes still attached ? 222896 """"" And this problem was solved after doing: "yum install sysfsutils" it seems "systool" was missing..

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Issue with Swap File Underlays being Deleted when Rebooting Compute Nodes There is an issue in upstream Nova (outlined in bug/1457527 where if you have Nova instances that are booted from a flavor with a swap volume configured you will experience an issue where the swap file underlays get deleted when Nova compute nodes are rebooted.

The swap disk is not being registered in the block device mappings table so the Nova compute manager cleans up the qcow2 underlay file prematurely.

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