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donna dont give up on pof just yet, the man of your dreams could be joining tonight and looking for you i joined smooch but everyone who contacted me was quite weird but then that might have been a reflection on me.

Or maybe you are hoping I’ll be thinking “Hey baby, can I touch your fish, can I stroke it?

Hard living – many of you have either done some damned hard living or you are lying about your age. Only the well endowed do this so thanks for the reminder that there are giant sausages to hide but surely there’s more to you than that.

I am endlessly surprised by how old you 52 year olds look. On the plus side you are using recent pictures so good for you! If a younger woman wants to date you, your age won’t matter. I don’t even know you so I do not want to be in the bathroom with you in any way, shape or form. NTTAWWT but most of us need a little brains to go with that brawn. Live with it and if you can’t live with it then you clearly have a vanity problem. Your face and only your face – If you post only a picture of your face and have nothing to say about yourself then I’m going to figure there’s nothing to say. Very effective if you are just looking for a hookup, though.

Eventually it occurred to us to meet up and the rest is history. She had told her friend the day before she was going to come off the site cos it was full of freaks. i met my bf on smooch 3 years ago, went for a few dates and never really took it any further because i was getting a fair bit of grief from ex anyhow we met back up in jan and hit it back off and having been seeing each other since hi i meet my oh on gumtree while looking for a table but to be honest i would recommend one of the ones you pay for and that is for long term relationships their are some nutters out their but the free ones just encourage nutters and the broke *** also their are ones for lone parents how about that be honest let know you have a lo up front and i hope it works Good luck with it Jane. She had told her friend the day before she was going to come off the site cos it was full of freaks. i met my bf on pof, ive got 2 dds and i was very weary of the guys on there at first some would back off straight away and others would be over keen, i messaged my bf because his said he was teaching assistant he later told me he was bombarded with single mums messaging him when they read that lol.

If you are having trouble making the right connection on Tinder or any other dating site, it might be for the same reason – the message is all wrong and when it comes to online dating, the medium is the message and the message is key. I don’t know but I don’t fish so not a winner for me.


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    She'd be vetted (everyone knows acquaintances don't have herpes) but easy to avoid afterward. She's a friend of a friend I've met at dinner parties but whose name I can never remember. But the pursuit of the threesome has made me more attentive. I try to stay attentive—it's a birthday present, after all—but soon I'm just scratching their backs. I realize, with some alarm, that they're both probably more sexual than I am. "It affirmed for me how much I like the female form. On the walk home, she says she's surprised by how erotic she found the whole experience, especially being with me. But I feel like the Christian missionary who realizes—just after the big revival—that she's actually more of a Jew. I'd always felt that there might be something else out there.