Intimidating police officer

If there had been two armed officers on the gates then they would have taken the shot.

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NRS 199.020 Judicial officer who asks for or receives bribe. NRS 199.040 Influencing juror, arbitrator, referee or prospective juror. NRS 199.080 Misconduct of officer in charge of jury. PERJURY AND SUBORNATION OF PERJURY NRS 199.120 Definition; penalties. NRS 199.130 False affidavit or complaint to effect arrest or search.Cape Town – The spokesperson of the ANC Youth League in the Western Cape, Siyabulela Tom, is expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Thursday for allegedly intimidating a metro police officer.Provincial ANCYL chairperson Muhammad Khalid Sayed said Tom allegedly intimidated the officer who apparently called him a "baboon". A separate complaint has been laid against the police officer, Sayed said.An officer can be acting in the execution of their duty even if they are not on duty at the time, where the assault occurs as a consequence of actions undertaken by that officer, or because the officer is a police officer – In 2002, the Attorney General of NSW made application to the Court of Criminal Appeal for consideration as to whether a Guideline Judgment should be given for the purpose of sentencing consistency for offences of Assault Police – see [2002] NSWCCA 515 Ultimately the application was refused.It was determined that the offence encompassed such a wide range of offending behaviour that a Guideline Judgment should not be applied.But on Tuesday, as the protestors made their way to the streets, a barricade of policemen, some in riot gear, armed with teargas guns and batons awaited them, ready to quell the demonstration before it got fired up.


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