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It sounds like Krauss is expecting a full recovery, as her representatives said via a statement, “We anticipate a smooth, quick recovery given proper treatment and adequate rest.” The songstress was expected to bring her smooth vocals to the IBMA Wide Open Bluegrass Festival in Raleigh, N. Shania Twain knows what it’s like to battle dysphonia — she has experienced a full recovery.Plus, many other country artists have been put on vocal rest for one reason or another, and although it’s tough work — as Keith Urban admitted after a three-week rest — it’s worth it.

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“I wanted it to sound like I was in the room with you,” she explained."But I wanted it to be a little rough around the edges.I didn't want it to be slicked up; I didn't want the life all drained out of it." With its hypnotic rhythms and varied textures, first single "Ohio," inspired by the Toni Morrison book "Beloved," was a natural pick to set up the album."We get a lot of energy from each other's singing," she notes of their creative back and forth."We both have similar places that we come from as singers-a lot of emotion, and sometimes the emotion overrides technique. He goes far and deep." Griffin seems bemused by the subject of online speculation about whether the two are married or not. Plant's "Big Log" on her brother Viktor's album "Far From Enough" or her forays into pop with her band Union Station.


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