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Kathy Griffin ("The Mole") will host the project which, like FOX's "Mr. This new series was taped before the first series ever aired, thus protecting the twist.

Personality" will test how important looks are in the dating process. "As soon as we saw the first tapes of the original ‘Average Joe,' we knew there was rich potential for a second helping of this twisted take on the dating show.

Adam Mesh; 27; Wall Street trader - the self-deprecating geek who has a separate brain for his mouth. The 12 that did make the cut did so on a deeper level. If anything, this series just proves that an incredibly skewed and distorted vision of true reality on the part of one woman, looking for something that exists in only a small percentage of men, and being thrown for a loop when she doesn't get it... We're back in the mansion with the twelve remaining kings of geekdom and their wench Melana. *pushes hero button, Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City Chiefs appears* Wow. Because little sister is on her way, and if you mess with little sister's heart, big brother will wail on you. This is a battle that he's had to fight for a long time, and he opens up in front of Dennis. At the end of each, Melana will invite one of the four from each group to dinner.

No infringement of copyright is intended by these fan pages; production companies of shows this site covers retain all rights to the sounds, images, and information contained herein. Brad Holcman; 26; management associate - the extremely proud geek. Can there be love between a beauty queen/dancer/cheerleader... Well, there could be if the geek was me and the dancer was named Kat, but enough about high school. ) After going through the "yeah, Melana's a nice piece of ass who used to cheer for the Chiefs" spiel, he decides to whip the boys into shape, first by cleaning up the house. John's bullied factor will definitely play into his actions for the rest of the show, if I know my subcultures right. That night, Kathy drills her personal charge of the blight brigade on the three dates that they will be on (groups of four during the day).

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Enter "Average Joe", what could better be described as "Mr. But truth be told, what will unfold in the next hour has been a long time come for the 85 percent of us who don't fit society's mold of perfection, as the men that you are about to meet are just like you and me. That's right, after being a contestant and a panelist, Kathy Griffin is blessed with her own show. Marc Marcuse; 31; software test manager - the short geek. They're the ones that are representing every man who has ever cried at a movie, got passed over for a promotion, or wondered whose leg he had to hump to get Leah Remini into bed. And who better to introduce us to these average Joes than the self-proclaimed queen of all reality show fangirls... Dennis Luciani; 36; accountant - the hula hoop geek.Zach Cohen; 27; real estate broker - the geek with high aspirations. Melana said that she didn't want to break up the group. But reality goes on, and so does this tennis match... Everyone gets 10-15 minutes of time to get to first base with Melana. "Touch is one of the most important things to me." I bet it is.Unfortunately, Distorted X was the first team eliminated that season.Lindsay would go on to become a Houston Texans Cheerleader in 2009.Hosted by actor-comedian Bob Saget a single player competes against one hundred contestants, nicknamed the “mob”, in answering a series of trivia questions, each of which is presented in a multiple-choice format (A, B, C) with three possible answers.


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