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If you would like to learn more about mixed wrestling and its history, consider reading our FAQ page.Click on the white-and-blue plus icon on the top-right corner of this page to access the sidebar which includes additional links and a site search form. After 8-month pause during which we focused on sessions and customs only (due to limited time - family health issue), we return with our public releases! Held another mixed and female wrestling shoot with a felow producer. Competitive & skilled sexy new strong amazon Lara enters mixed and female wrestling Alpha Catz fray! BOOK now: Lara | Alkaia | Siberia Exciting times ahead once again! Shot 16 custom movies during March, our new record. All our competitive female wrestling fans can finally rejoice! Mark your calendars for Brno visit if you want to see us live: mixed & female matches and sessions on April 16/17th, then armwrestling tournament and sessions on June 4th! Lara becomes number 1 mixed wrestling clip at c4s, even climbs to the top 10 overall of the whole c4s!Below you will find our 10 latest releases, both mixed wrestling and F/F, competitive and not.Fitness Singles is the best club to meet Wrestling Singles!

Shot a dozen of great mixed and female competitive wrestling matches for our fellow friendly producer again! Check out our newest competitive mixed wrestling team reinforcements: small but super strong gymnast Cobra, tall MA amazon Freya & curvy sportswoman Inanna!

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Our products feature competitive pindown and submission wrestling action between both skilled and amateur wrestlers, as well as domination fights.

Even though there is no nudity in our matches, the content we produce is for adult audience because of its fetishistic nature, as it involves elements of dominance and submission, a form of power play through wrestling & grappling.


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