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Hopefully this article will help us realize that the issue is not as cut and dried as the secular community sometimes presents it.Nor does Egyptian civilization falsify biblical history as the skeptics would like us to think.But in 1517 the army in a short occupation of the country.The French occupation, which ended in 1801, marked the first time a European power had conquered and occupied Egypt, and it set the stage for further European involvement.Egyptians pioneered the development of river craft and there were many different types built for various uses. This wooden model of the funery boats found at Thebes, with its two pointed ends rising out of the water, is a good example. Officials went up and down the Nile with stone for building projects or grain for the kings stores, and merchants carried wares for sale.

There were many types of boats that Egyptians used. It was also a hard job because the oars the Egyptians steered with were very heavy. Making a boat was a very long and hard job because the boats were big.

These chronologies are hotly debated among Christians and secularists alike, with the consensus being increasingly challenged.

Moreover, some of the incredible Egyptian monuments like the great pyramids on the Giza Plateau have dates ascribed to them that would have them being built before the earth-reshaping Flood of Noah’s time around 4,500 years ago.

Following a strict biblical chronology, Egyptian civilization cannot predate creation, nor can the pyramids be pre-Flood constructions.

This article (although lengthy) does not attempt to solve any of the seeming problems in aligning Egyptian chronologies with the biblical text with any great detail.


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