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Not by Nicolas Cage, whom she met when she was 18, who proposed the same day, and whom she eventually married at 27.Not by Paul Rossi, the Argentine musician with whom she had a son, Enzo, at 20 and from whom she split when their baby was a month old. The game was created by deviant Art user Angequilla, and it is every bit as weird and creepy as you would expect, with roughly four minutes of gameplay and one quick conversation with the man himself.During the conversation, you must describe Nicolas' face, and your description will determine your ending.

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The 52-year-old actor was spotted at dinner Friday with a mystery woman in a kimono, news outlets reported this week.

Not by her second husband, the actor Thomas Jane, with whom she has a daughter, Harlow, 11, and whom she divorced in 2011.

She comes from a long line of free spirits and performers, from an 18th-century explorer via her great-grandparents, a vaudeville double act, to her parents, an actor and an actress-turned-therapist and poet, who imposed no rules or boundaries on their children.

He didn't explain why he had the pyramid built, but theories suggest the tomb is a nod to his National Treasure film, a place to stash large amounts of cash or it symbolizes his 'membership' in the Illuminati In the US, pyramids were a part of the 'golden age of mausoleums', from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the Great Depression.

When she first sits down on a sofa opposite me in a bland Berlin hotel room, she is subdued and softly spoken, fidgeting with a long tasselled scarf.


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