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Of course, it’s the restaurant business, so someone’s bound to be unhappy.

Piallat admits that while the overall reaction to the change has been positive, she did receive one email from a disgruntled customer.

Zazie, one of San Francisco’s most popular brunch spots, is the latest Bay Area restaurant to eschew tips in favor of an all-inclusive menu, and though today is the first day, owner Jennifer Piallat says that so far, customers seem content with the change, despite a 20% increase in prices across the board.

"So far we haven’t had any complaints," Piallat says.

Under current tipping policies, servers often receive drastically higher compensation than chefs, when tips are factored in.

Which is to say, the wage will be paid by the restaurant directly, and not each diner who walks in.

"In fact, one customer said she expected sticker shock, but that the menu still looks reasonable." Piallat decided to ditch the traditional tipping system — and the surcharges everyone in SF has grown used to — as a way to bring equality to the front and back of house and create a profit-sharing model.

Kurt Huffman, owner of Chef Stable restaurant group (Ox, Lardo, St.Recent circuit court rulings have made the common practice of tip pooling, in which servers tip out back-of-house staff from their tips, a much more fraught issue—in many cases forbidding tips to be shared with cooks and dishwashers who don’t interact with customers.The move to drop tips has not been without hitches, however—nor prominent defectors. My fingers already in all investigated what interesting things have soldiers around the crotch area. But even more noteworthy: Servers will make an hour.We have a standard practice here in America and it's called tipping.


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