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By working together intensively through shamanic journeys and other spiritual experiences, we will dedicate ourselves to working in both nonordinary and ordinary reality to restore and maintain a living Planet. Wear comfortable clothing, warm socks, and bring a bandanna, cushion and/or blanket (if the sponsor does not provide cushions), and a pen and notebook to record your journeys.

Prerequisite: the FSS Basic Workshop, The Way of the Shaman, with an authorized FSS Faculty Member. (Electronic recording audio, video, photographic and the use of computers are not permitted during the workshop.) Note: Successful completion of this workshop is one of the prerequisites to receive the FSS Gold Certificate of Completion.

They will also learn how shamanic practitioners can work in partnership to increase the effectiveness of this work.

The Extraction Healing Training workshop is designed exclusively for people who want to bring shamanic healing work into their practice with others.

area, and was drawn inland by my love of the Rocky Mountains.

Disaffected with my experiences of organized religion, I wondered whether a form of spirituality existed that would feel as natural to me as the air I breathed.

At one point, Katie even fetches her prize from the cupboard, declaring them 'delicious'.

Katie, a 33-year-old loan officer from Arizona, said: 'We didn't really have much interaction at the grocery store with this except a wave, and she cannot stop talking about it. 'Mila used to be pretty shy but all of a sudden she is tough and full of personality.'I've been surprised in her change in personality the past few weeks.

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This is an important part of shamanic healing training.Two months later, on October 30, 1966, Cheri Jo Bates would be found dead, her neck sliced so deeply that she was nearly decapitated, on the campus of Riverside City College.This little girl has said Cheerio to shyness - and got herself a whole new attitude.Tot Mila Stauffer, 2, was videoed by mum Katie after a shopping trip in which she took another shopper's Cheerios from her basket.Once home, the normally shy Mila began talking about her triumph and how she is a 'big girl', leaving her mum in fits of laughter.FSS workshops are offered in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


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