Scottish marriage and dating customs

Bedding rituals have been a popular part of a wedding in many parts of the world and can be found in societies dating back several thousand years.Although the nuances of the ritual vary from place to place, a bedding ritual usually incorporates a newly-wed couple being put to bed on their wedding night by their friends, family and wider community.Japan A couple isn’t really engaged until there’s a yunio (Japanese for “engagement ceremony”), which involves a meeting between the families of the bride and groom and the exchange of nine symbolic gifts wrapped in rice paper.Each gift is meant to symbolise particular sentiments and well wishes for the couple, such as longevity, wealth and healthy children.      When February birds do mate, you may wed, nor dread your fate.      If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you'll know.It’s a fun group dance for all the guests, with lots of participation.” Many of the steps, like the swing-your-partner moves, resemble square dancing in rural America, while when the guests circle dance, it suggests the traditional circle dance of Israel, the hora.

It also made me curious how marriage proposals take place in other countries.He would walk around the village until his bride would finally come out of her house and kiss him.On the day of the wedding the village would turn out to lead the couple to the church, where two wedding services were traditionally held.So, in sixteenth-century Germany, newly-weds were put to bed to the sound of pipers and drums, as well as ‘obscene’ noises, and after the wedding party withdraw from the bedroom, the family continued to celebrate, drowning out the expected noise from the bedroom.Part of this ritual often involved the bride and groom being dressed for bed in separate rooms, before being brought together in the marital bedroom.Tying the knot, for example, started with the bride and groom ripping their wedding plaids, their respective clan tartans, and tying the two strips together to symbolically unite the two families.“Creeling the bridegroom” is another old custom.


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