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But there are plenty of other famous stones in Great Britain and Ireland, some of which are as old as Stonehenge (and none of which are as old as Mick Jagger). When I visited the Blarney Castle, locals told stories of their youth, when they would help tourists kiss the stone during the day, and then urinate on it at night. According to the myth, a man once suspected his young wife of an illicit affair, and took her to the stone to find out for certain.Through trickery, however, the wife managed to answer the question, but the stone was so disgusted by the deceit that it split in two.Distance between you and a loved one is no longer a problem; and with mobile phones, you can be on the move and still keep in contact with your friends and family.Along with calls on your mobile phone, text messaging (also known as short messages service, or SMS) allows people to keep in constant contact, which can create a new form of connectedness with your social network.An avid student of clarinets and saxophones since the age of eight, this man of integrity rightfully belongs in the “Hall of Fame” of the most respected Nordic instrumentalists.

Imagine you meet someone new, and you think there’s a possibility for something more there, so you exchange numbers.

According to the Lebor Gabala (a text dating to the 11 was taken to Scotland for the coronation of Fergus the Great (who died soon aftwards).

The stone is said to cry out or roar with joy when the rightful king set his feet upon it, and is also said to hold to power to both regenerate the king, and to grant him a long reign.

OK, it looks like virtually no money is spent on production values: they apparently transported the play, sets, costumes, and all to an L. And yes, the director apparently never heard of a closeup, let alone anything but straight-ahead shots of the cast moving right to left across the screen.

But look at what it purports to be: Basically a filmed record of a Broadway musical comedy.


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