Validating url in javascript dating an old bed frame

I suspect either url is reserved in some way, or there is something wrong with txt_url.

But finding out what this value is should point you in the right direction.

plz share knowledge u will be more knowledgeable How do I fix the problem that autocomplete does not validate, I have heard before that there is a dirty way to do this but did not want to do this before, but now feel i must as my boss wants the site error free ! Please see my Booking Form here form is very nearly finished but I have no experience with Java Script at all so I am hoping somebody can tell me how to do the finishing touches.

All I require is: 1- On clicking the 'Submit order' button I would like the browser to check to see if the 'Is Vehicle roadworthy with full M. T.:' List/Menu is set to 'Yes' and if not it needs to return an alert stating it must be set to 'Yes' to proceed...

He also sliced up the Unicode ranges :=), that's the reason his one is so long :) = are excluded by the second validation block.

This a very minimal list of tests to add to your testings: PASS " " " FAIL " " " " " Need testing :) Need to mention I took the idea of validating the possible IP address ranges in the URL while looking at other developers regular expressions I have seen in your tests, especially the one from @scottgonzales.

hello i am trying to do a validation form but i ended up with one that only works for chrome, not on IE not on Firefox! and another problem it looks like that the return false doesn't even work, it proceeds to the next page anyway [HTML]function validate_required(field,alerttxt) /*function alertt(thisform) */ function validate_form(thisform) { //alert('hi'); with (thisform) [/HTML] [HTML][/HTML] Hello, I have a survey with hundred of input boxes.

First we might consider checking that the URL is syntactically correct. You really shouldn't write Java Script to do URL validation by yourself, it's too hard to get it right.

And HTTP and FTP aren't the only protocols possible for URL. But lets assume that a valid URL should start with some letters, then "://" and after that what ever.

D7.9D sftp:// And that's only a small fraction of the real variety of URL-s possible.

The easiest and safest way to check whether an email address is well-formed is to use PHP's filter_var() function.

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