Xbox 360 froze while updating

One is big and I've been working on it for about 6 months, it uses the steampunk texture Pack. The screen freezes at Initializing Server, Loading Soawn Area.

After downloading the latest update, my big world won't load anymore. I then have to manually shut the Xbox down as the remote becomes unresponsive as well. His largest world (which is by no means huge) also won't load and freezes at the same spot, but smaller worlds he doesn't use load just fine.

Have you tried booting up without being connected to Xbox Live?

Haven't had the issue since.i found that if you want to play a game, like myself, i wanted to play halo 4 but having the same problems signing in before i could even get to the main screen.

We recently identified an issue related to Badass Token distribution that could lead to freezing behavior.

A permanent solution will be available in a future update, but for the time being we recommend the following workaround: - Check your Badass Rank Bonus Stats by opening the Challenges tab within the Character Menu.- If four stats are significantly lower than the others, accumulate / spend Badass Tokens to even out your stat distribution.- If you need additional Badass Tokens to help even our your stats, let us know how many Badass Tokens you currently have and we'll do what we can to help you out there.

I've tried using my work HDD, no different, no network, nada, no disc in, zip!

Some Xbox One users are reporting system freezes, particularly in regard to their startup screens.

I am hoping these worlds aren't completely lost forever.

You can use the Xbox main dashboard - "Settings" - "System" - "Storage" - (select device that the game save is already on) - "Games and Apps" - "Minecraft" - (select the gamesave, but be sure that you are signed in with the same profile as the one indicated below the file size on the right) - "Copy" - (select device you want to copy to, e.g. Unfortunately, this action probably won't make the file usable again by the game.

I don't know of any way that people have successfully recovered a file once this has happened to it.

I’ve had this problem myself in the past, and thought I’d try and help by offering these free tips/guides from my own experiences, as well as providing some information I have found through research.

Below is a list of things to check/try in order to help fix your Xbox 360 freezing problems.


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