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Two YARN stories have won Magazine Merit honors from the SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators), and the journal has also won an Innovations in Reading Prize from the National Book Foundation. Being around other people’s words is really invigorating. Kerri: So true, Diana—that storyline has been a common one from the start. I’m curious: Do any writers ever mention the WNDB movement in a query letter? Also, sometimes the “send more work” is because we’re running some pieces during a season that may deal with a similar theme. I also learn so much from the writers we publish, and from seeing what people are compelled to write about.Kerri Majors, Diana Renn, and Kip Rechea Wilson are all published writers and mothers of young children, in addition to being the lead editors of this award-winning journal. Diana: I also think in YA publishing we are seeing more LBGTQ books coming on the market, and I’m seeing more of those submissions for us, which is great. Kip: Not yet mentioned specifically in poetry, but I do hope it is having an effect, and I hope to see more diverse subs coming! I can only run so many “death of a parent” stories in a given season, for example. Kerri: And there is something I used to say about YARN in the beginning, when there were no other YA lit journals doing all the genres and publishing writers of any age and stature, and even though there are more journals out there now, I think it’s still true: YARN helps rescue short-form literature from the dreaded realm of the textbook and helps young readers and writers see that short fiction, poetry, and essays are happening , among others. in German Literature specializing in the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, and loves reading work by both living and dead poets.They also brought and distributed lunch, tetra pack juice and cakes, much to the kids’ delight.

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For more information about the London Film and Comic Con, visit their website here: and follow @YALC_UK on Twitter for all the YALC news.

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The little angels, as an expression of their gratitude, rendered a dance number for the PHILJA staff. Villanueva, Utility Worker II from the Office of the Chancellor. Armando Marinduque, Household Attendant III from the PHILJA Training Center, cannot help but recall the happiness on the children’s faces. Because of the experience they gained and the happiness they felt during the charity project, they hope that a yearly outreach activity will be undertaken by the Academy. Arcullo; and the repeat of the winning “Freddie Mercury’s I Want to Break Free” performance of Mr.

The PHILJA staff were in accord that the charity project was a humbling and enriching experience. The eight-minute audio-visual presentation (AVP) of the charity project was shown during the PHILJA Christmas Program held at the Auditorium of the Court of Appeals, Manila on December 19. Brian Evangelista in the recently concluded SC Lip Sync Battle.


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